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"What you can't see empowers me." - Mindy Charron


Mindy is an NRA and USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer with an organically grown passion for educating new firearm owners and shooters. With roots planted as a retailer and educator for the best concealed carry holster brands, she's continued her journey by making self-defense and firearms training a priority in her everyday life, and continuously trains with top-ranked industry experts.

Her firearms journey began after finding herself living alone in a new city, desiring to be self-reliant, including with self-defense. That desire has evolved into a passion for bringing her own growth opportunities to those seeking the same.

Naturally introverted and a deep thinker, she's calm in her approach and never pushy with progression. She recognizes sometimes the desire for training comes from negative experiences and strives to use education to turn fear into respect and confidence.

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