Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't own a firearm?

That's okay! Wheather you're still exploring the reality of having a firearm concealed on your body, or are considering new firearm options - you can try ours! We keep weighted training guns available for this very purpose. We have popular options for you to try in every size category.

Do you have a physical store location?

At this time we do not have a physical retail store.

Can I purchase holsters during a consultation/party?

You sure can! We can't guarantee we'll have every size/color option you might need at the time of your party/consult. Based on sizing information you share when booking we'll follow-up with you to let you know what you can expect we'll have on hand.

If I like a holster I try at a party/event but want a different color, style or size can it be ordered?

It sure can!

Do I have to be licensed to carry in order to use your services?

Nope! In fact we welcome you to leverage this service as a means to experience what it will be like to physically conceal a firearm before getting licensed or as a supplement to becoming licensed. This service can also aid in determining what firearm you can confidently and comfortably conceal before deciding on which one to purchase.

How do I know what sizes, colors and styles you actually have to try at a party or event?

The easiest way is to browse the current stock available on our Shop Holsters! page. Anything unavailable will be grayed out. You can always contact us directly as well.***We are in the process of large scale move and as a result our online store is currently unavailable***

You have SO many products! How many can I feasibly try during a party or consultation?

Currently we're averaging about 10 holsters per hour. This allows you to try each holster on, ask questions, and for us to provide good to know information about each product. For our in-home services we will review your booking questionnaire, then contact you directly to come up with a plan to prioritize the holsters best for you. If we are out of stock on something you wish to try we may recommend another date/time so that we can order the items of interest for you.