The BUGBite holster was designed for maximum comfort and concealment.  Each holster is designed specifically to conform to the shape of the human leg ensuring that your firearm is supported properly and in a way that allows you to forget you are even carrying a pistol.  The BUGBite keeps your firearm properly oriented upwards at all times, and because the design lacks velcro or snaps, removing your pistol when you need it is 100% silent, unlike almost every other type of holster.  The holster is designed to comfortably carry pistols from small all the way up to mid-size frame, so you only need one holster that can work with a variety of your firearms.


Mindy's Take: I was never a fan of ankle carry until I found this holster. I had tried several, but felt even with small handguns they were too bulky and moved around too much when walking. The attention to detail is impressive on this holster. The silicone grip on the inside, along with the pocket that pulls your firearm closely into your calf are what make it superior to the others. The holster is shaped like a sock and provides lots of support, so your firearm is snug as a bug in a rug! It's the only ankle holster I'll actually use.

BUGBite Ankle Holster

$39.95 Regular Price
$35.96Sale Price
  • Measure the thickest part of your calf.

    A: 11.5 - 13.5 inches

    B: 13.5 - 15.5 inches

    C: 15.5 - 17.5 inches

    D: 17.5 - 19.5 inches

    E: 19.5 - 21.5 inches


    Pistol Size: Maximum recommended size is 5.5" long by 4" high.

  • Order this product based on the hand you normally draw with, not the leg where the holster will be placed. If ordered for a right handed draw the holster will be placed either on the left leg with a draw from the inside ankle, or on the right leg with a draw from the outside akle.