The Phantom 2 leggings offer five holstering positions; including two ambidextrous appendix spots, a 3 and 9-o’clock strong side position as well as an ambidextrous 6 o’clock holstering position. The Phantom 2 Leggings can holster a micro firearm up to a full-size competition pistol at 8.78” with plenty of room for additional magazines or accessories. In fact, Dene Adams’ Leggings have been successfully tested to accommodate up to 60.2 oz of carry weight, which is the equivalent of a U.S. military service Sig Sauer P320 XM17 loaded with 2 additional 21 round magazines. 

Dene Adams Phantom 2 Leggings

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  • See sizing chart in pictures. Fit is true to size and is the same sizing as the Thigh Holster Shorts (waist is just right and are not too constricting but a snug fit helps achieve the best concealment.