Hidden Heat Lace is an incredibly comfortable and versatile ladies conceal carry waistband holster. The soft and feminine elastic lace has ample stretch that comfortably hugs to a woman's curves. The generous 5" holster pocket accommodates a wide variety of handguns from small to full size. Offered with a retention strap to further secure your handgun but may also be tucked into the pocket for faster draw. Specially designed with boning, which is typically sewn into corsets for optimal support, eliminates rolling and sagging from the weight of your firearm. The built in 3/16th inch padding provides comfort while a moisture barrier protects your gun from sweat and oils. Hidden Heat Lace measures 5" wide and has a secure 8" adjustable Velcro closure.  The ambidextrous design allows for a right or left handed draw. Designed, developed and assembled in the USA by Miss Concealed. US Patents Pending

Hidden Heat Lace Belly Band

  • Measure the smallest part of your waist or the widest part of your hips, depending on where you'll wear the band. There is 8 inches of adjustability. Measuring at the smallest part of your waist will likely mean you can wear it high on the torso (just under the bra-line), but may or may not leave enough adjustability to wear it low on your hips, depending on body shape.


    Small: 25"-30"

    Medium: 30"-35"

    Large: 35"-40"

    X-Large: 40"-45"

  • This is a lace holster. Make sure when you close the velcro retention strap that you carefully place it on the velcro strip. Ensure you do the same when laundering. If not attached using the intended velcro strip the lace can become frayed.