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What to Expect With Underarm Holster Tanks, Shirts and Bras

I had been intrigued by several of the holster tank tops, shirts and bras leveraging underarm holsters, mainly because the underarm seems like a pretty easy and comfortable place to conceal with a small enough firearm.

After researching several variations of the products I ended up purchasing two of the best rated versions available at amazon.com:

I had already concealed using both products for long periods of time as a way to test comfort, and there is no question both are very comfortable. There are so many ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe and both washed easily when kept separate from other clothing and are hung to dry.

After the first couple wears with these products I did not return to them because it was summertime and I really did not want the additional layers. However, I knew these options presented some challenges that would require some practice before regular use, and before jumping into them for fall and winter use I needed to spend some time working through those challenges.

See how things went in the video below. It's a 10 minute video which covers the following:

1) Differences between the Tagua Gunleather and UnderTech Undercover options

2) Two-handed and single-handed draw with closed front and open-front shirts

3) Shows all gun sizes and my experience holstering and drawing with each

Note: I do not actually show a bra version in my video, however the concepts and challenges would be the same. Below is a link to the UnderTech Undercover bra option. Tagua Gunleather does not offer a bra version at this time.

I'm definitely not ruling out this option for more regular use, but as you can see navigating the draw will require some practice, and holstering, depending on your gun size and type will require some added caution.

Hopefully this blog and video have been helpful. Her Concealment's mission is removing barriers to your confident concealed carry, and confidence comes with access to many options you can actually try before settling on the ones best for you. Visit our products page to see all the other quality concealment options you get to try during our consultations. Keep them all to yourself or split the cost and have of the most empowering girls nights you will ever host!