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Make Your Dene Adams® Corset Better!

The super soft, incredibly comfortable and ultra concealing traits of the Dene Adams® Corset made it a must-have for me! In fact, I have it in every size offered in both the standard and petite sizes so you can experience them for yourself during any of our Her Concealment Consultations.

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS go something like this:


-It has BONING LIKE A TRUE CORSET. I'm not a regular corset kinda girl, but it sure looks like one to me!

-PUTTING IT ON IS EASY enough. I did not mind the hook & eye closures but they do offer a zipper options with some corsets.

-Once I got it on it FELT AMAZING!

-HOLSTERING WAS EASY, the soft fabric helps it slide right in.

-WOW! lT CONCEALS WONDERFULLY! As good as any other option I've seen.

-The TWO ROWS HOOK & EYE ALLOW FOR FLEXIBILITY in choosing that Old Timer's Breakfast at Cracker Barrel (I've tested this), or the option to "train my waist".......people really do that!?!?!

-It's AMBIDEXTROUS and accommodates cross-draw

-It has VELCRO RETENTION STRAPS and comes with a slick little TRIGGER GUARD insert that will work with any pistol. It's super easy to install too. Love that they've considered these safety features!

MY EXPERIENCE DRAWING FROM IT. Getting it on and feeling great in it is one thing. Actually needing to use it (though we pray we never need to) is another. To summarize, my experience went like this:

-I COULDN'T!!! Not with one hand anyway, and using both was complicated. They are doing the right thing by offering great safety features with their holster, but there was way too much going on inside the holster for my comfort.

So, what did I do about it? Well, I put my creative thinking to work using the ideas shared previously in my Concealed Carry Holster Requirements blog post.


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