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Concealed Carry Around Children with the Dene Adams® Active Bra Holster

Video: I share my thought process when selecting a holster I felt confident concealing around children in. You'll see me model the Dene Adams® Active Bra Holster and show what it's like to draw in this video as well.

This week brought a new challenge for me - concealed carry around children.

It was my wedding week and I was going to have young nieces and nephews spending the week in my home. My fiance and I had already taken the steps necessary to make the firearms in our home safe by locking them up. Since we had not yet invested in quick-access safes we could place around our home, part of the plan was ensuring I always had my firearm concealed on my body. At first on-body concealed carry was of no concern to me as I do it daily...BUT I found myself experiencing a healthy dose of anxiety about doing it around my youngster loved ones. I decided to really put some thought into the holster I would select for use around them.

My priorities for selecting my holster were:

1) Maximum Concealment - I didn't want ANY CHANCE at a child getting a grip on my handgun. Period. Even being playful, wrestling, tickling, etc. were to expose my holster I didn't want them, or anyone for that matter, to know it was on me.

2) Solid Trigger Guard Protection - It wasn't enough that they would never know it was there, and couldn't get a grip on it. I wanted to be prepared for worst case scenarios with fingers, small objects, etc. getting in and around the trigger. I wanted solid, un-penetrable protection over the trigger. Yes, I was thinking really horrible, worst luck ever kinds of things in order to create the best possible protection.

3) Comfortable Enough for All Day Wear - I was going to be around children. We were going to play like children. I needed to be able to move around like a normal human being without thought or worry, and I wasn't going to have time for wardrobe changes.

Bring on the the Dene Adams® Active Bra Holster!

It's my mission to know and understand the pros and cons with concealed carry holsters for women. I spend a lot of time with holsters, including this one, so the holster selection was pretty easy to make. I'd already spent time with this holster in the gym multiple times, so I knew how comfortable it was when more active than normal. I'd never worn it for a full day, but was confident it would stand up to the challenge. The Dene Adams Active Bra® Holster would become my companion for the week!

What I gave up with my selection:

1) Speed. It's true that the holster I selected would require more time to draw in comparison to my normal Inside the Waistband Appendix set-ups, however items 1 - 3 above were truly my top priority in this situation. I consciously opted for maximum concealment, solid trigger guard protection and comfort over trimming seconds off my draw. I should note though that Anna Taylor, Founder of Dene Adams® has stated a possible draw time of 1.5 seconds...I'm still working towards that!

Challenge Accepted, and with Great Results!

I couldn't have been happier with the choice I made. The only thing necessary for me to last a week with children in my home and also safely and confidently conceal was to make sure I had two Dene Adams® Active Bra Holsters! I'd already had the black one, so I opened up a brand new platinum colored one for lighter shirts. I'd wear them a couple times and wash one while wearing the other - it worked out perfectly.

I spent LONG days in these holsters. It was wedding week after all, and there was lots to be done. My days included laundry, shopping, Nerf gun wars, lots of hugs, and 1 visit (yes, just 1) to the gym. I spent hours outdoors enjoying family visits on the patio, and then curled up in the evenings to Netflix and chill over bowls of ice cream with the kiddos.........yes, I cuddled with a child who never realized their Aunt Mindy was packin'. More than once family members would ask something to the effect of "Do you have your piece?" to which I'd answer "Yep!". Of course that was always followed by the long stare-down followed by "Well, where the heck is it?"............I couldn't have been happier.

I'd whole-heartedly recommend this holster to anyone, and most of all busy, active mothers. I'm not a mother, but the maker and founder of Dene Adams® holsters is! She has a blended family with six children, so she understands the mom-life considerations necessary when also choosing to be your own protector and first responder.

You can find these holsters along with many other momma-approved options at www.herconcealment.com