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A Look Back at 2018

Her Concealment(HC) has been in business since late 2017 with a mission to remove barriers to your confident concealed carry, but 2018 was the year things really started to happen. I knew 2017 was a lot of start-up, administration, acquisition, designing, building of the website, social media and the workshop…but I questioned what else had been done differently in 2018.

The root of it I really believe was that I finally became comfortable “selling” what HC had to offer. With a few in-home consultations and Holster Clinics under my belt it was obvious my customers in 2017 believed there was a need HC was filling. The need to fill a gap for easy access to options for women. Sure, I have an online store focused on women’s holster options, but what sets HC apart from the one-stop-shop is the hands-on opportunities provided to our local community, and it’s those opportunities that I THRIVE on. When other women further along in their concealed carry journey find out about the services HC offers, they say they wish HC was an option when they were starting out. My customers love the option to have an experienced, educated female come to where they are to work one-one-one (or in a small group setting with our Holster Parties) to find the holster(s) right for them.

The thing is I didn’t lack confidence in the value of the in-home services HC provides, but anybody who knows me personally will tell you I’m not a talker, not a “salesman” …personally or professionally. I prefer to listen to the issues my customers face; then I do. I prefer to let my work speak for itself with the hope word about the value I deliver will travel without it having to come from me. While this is still a current mindset for me, I started to realize that by not sharing what HC does with the women around me I was creating the very barriers I was working so hard to remove! What value am I really providing if I don’t let the ladies know what options they have because I don’t want to be a “salesman”!?!? I was a barrier! I think this is my biggest lesson learned for 2018.

So, with that lesson learned behind me I want to reflect on all the AWESOMENESS of 2018. Beyond the sales of holsters and educational services I provide, there were many highlights for me in 2018. Several of these items are personal in nature, but I believe relevant to HC. To some these highlighted accomplishments may seem small, but sometimes the smallest roads lead to amazing destinations!


  1. Married my partner-in-crime and best friend, Bruce Charron. HC couldn't exist without his unwavering support. Meet him at gun shows/events. He's frequently by my side.

  2. Got that career promotion! Without working hard at the day-job the investment necessary to bring you HC wouldn’t be possible!

  3. Became an NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer. I can finally put some educational/paper cred behind that street cred! LOL!

  4. Stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in my first American Action Shooting Association Competition - I’m hooked!

  5. Was recruited to the A-Team of our local Chapter for A Girl & A Gun. I prayed I’d be asked. The leadership and training opportunities in this role are endless. For example, my first time volunteering for the HAVA Range Day teaching women and young girls of veteran families how to shoot guns.

  6. Attended my first A Girl & A Gun National Conference. Wow. Just WOW. The list of top-notch instructors I was exposed to is too long to list. I encourage every woman interested in shooting to check it out. I’m excited to bring my favorite instructor from conference, Josh Crosby to San Antonio in 2019 for a private class with our A Girl & A Gun chapter!

  7. Continued my formal firearms education with instruction from nationally recognized instructors like Tatiana Whitlock and Karl Rehn and got some fabulous instruction from a few of my favorite local ladies – Sandra Kozero, Tammy Robinson Stein, Allison Adams and Brenda Rath.

  8. Established our first Dealer relationships! We heart you! Go and see our custom holsters at Buck & Doe’s Mercantile in San Antonio, Texas, and support the Carry Girl Movement with custom holsters designed by HC!

  9. Started to figure out social media…I THINK. You can find HC on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube!

  10. Filmed and learned editing tools to create several slightly awkward but hopefully valuable videos relevant to holster selection – I’ll keep working to get better at this! I feel it’s valuable for those I can’t assist locally.

When you’re constantly in the middle of something you tend to lose sight of all you’ve accomplished, but I couldn’t be happier with what 2018 delivered. That’s quite a list! So much learning, so much improving, and so much empowering of so many beautiful ladies! These are only highlights. So many of you reading this have been my biggest supporters and fans, and you've helped HC achieve these accomplishments - THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

2019 will bring some pretty big changes for HC; some I probably only think I know how to plan for. I can’t wait to share what will certainly be a whole new journey with you all. Thank you for joining me on this ride; I hope you’ll continue to call shotgun with me in 2019. Let's go!

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