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Her Concealment - Removing Barriers

Hello! I'm Mindy and I'm pretty pumped to share what I have in the works for ladies in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Here I tell you my story and how the idea of Her Concealment came to life.

So, I'm a regular girl really. I'm a daughter, sister, crazy aunt, volunteer, successful career woman, recent college grad (I finally did it!) and soon to be wife! Experiences being far from family and having to live very independently lead me to obtaining a license to carry in the state of Texas. As a woman you might have other drives for wanting the same option, perhaps you are a mother and want the option to protect your family. Regardless of your situation, if you already have the option to carry, or are even considering it I'm here to help break down barriers we as women run into when ready to exercise our Second Amendment rights. Let me explain.

I HAVE THE OPTION TO CARRY A FIREARM FOR SELF-DEFENSE. THE PROBLEM - I WASN'T. I've been licensed to carry in the state of Texas for over 5 years. Having the option does nothing for me if I don't actually choose it. I never really put much effort into making carry and concealment a part of my everyday life. LATE IN 2016, AFTER A YEAR OF SHOOTINGS AND TERRORISM IN THE NEWS, I DECIDED IT WAS TIME TO TURN THE OPTION INTO MY CHOICE - I WAS GOING TO START CARRYING.

THE STRUGGLE - CONVENIENCE & ACCESSIBILITY. I knew that if I was really going to carry I literally had to make my gun and the means to conceal it a part of my wardrobe. I started shopping! I LOVE to shop! Unfortunately, I quickly realized I'm the minority walking into any gun or tactical shop in town. I had no idea what wall of holsters to start with, and attempting assistance with the men in these stores was like speaking a foreign language. They were more than willing to help, and we love them for that, but they just are not equipped to understand what will work best for women. I've been to plenty of gun shows, but there was never a way to try most things on. Finally I turned to researching and buying online. This started to seem like a better option until I realized all those cool things I saw for women at the gun show (but could never actually try on) were really poorly rated, or the thing that worked for the model in the picture would not work for me. Oh, and every size chart was different than the last so good luck with getting sizing right. The ambiguity with online shopping resulted in many disappointments and the need for postage allowance to cover returns. So, I'VE TURNED MY STRUGGLES INTO YOUR SOLUTION - HER CONCEALMENT.

THE SOLUTION - CONCEALED CARRY SOLUTIONS BROUGHT TO YOU WHEN YOU WANT AND WHERE YOU WANT - BY A WOMAN AND FOR WOMEN! You will not find this service offered anywhere else. What you pay for this service is more than made up in convenience, time and money saved. Turn your consultation into a fun and educational evening with like-minded friends or get the service all to yourself!

I'M CONSTANTLY ON THE LOOKOUT FOR SOLUTIONS TO ADD AS FEATURED PRODUCTS. I TRY ALL OF THEM OUT BEFORE ADDING THEM. Check out the Featured Products section of my page for items currently featured.

YOU CAN BOOK NOW! I'll begin consultations the first weekend in September!

Thanks so much for stopping by!